Retail Indoor Navigation

Retail indoor navigation guides shoppers with a personalized and convenient shopping experience. It collects valuable data that retailers can use to improve the overall shopping experience. Retail indoor navigation provides shoppers with directions and guidance within a physical retail store or shopping mall. This technology can take many forms, including mobile apps, digital maps, and in-store kiosks.

Retail indoor navigation provides a real-time map of a store and captures data that gives product information. With an AR-enabled app, customers can navigate through the store and see an overlay of the store’s layout and product information.

Retail indoor navigation locates the user’s position within the store and displays a virtual map of the store on the screen. The app also uses the device’s camera to capture data on customer behavior. Retailers can use this data to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to optimize their store layout and product placement.

Retail indoor navigation provides a more personalized and efficient way to navigate through stores. Customers can quickly and easily find the products they are looking for without having to search through the store themselves. AR also provides an engaging and interactive experience, making shopping more delightful.

Retailers can use the data collected from the app to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to optimize their store layout and product placement. Retailers can also use the app to provide personalized offers and recommendations based on customer behavior.

Retail indoor navigation is a transformative technology changing the ways we shop. By providing customers with an efficient and engaging way to navigate through stores, retailers can improve the overall shopping experience and increase sales.


Delight your retail customers with Self-checkout!

The Retail industry has drastically shifted towards implementing innovative solutions by deploying empowered technologies to optimize their store operations. Self-scanning & Self check out options allow customers to access all retail products, making shopping convenient with fast and accurate scanning from their own devices. This will hugely save labor costs, streamline store operations, and improve employee efficiency. By turning smart devices into enterprise-grade scanners, Scanflow helps to seamlessly collaborate in-store operations for customers and employees.

Though people are shifting towards online shopping, they still miss the personalized shopping experience that online can never provide. It becomes difficult for retail enterprises to deliver personalized in-store experiences to their customers.

In such cases, customers look for flexible options for in-store shopping like Self -scanning contactless checkout, and payment. This creates a lesser chance of getting encountered by staff and other shoppers. The greatest challenge of brick-and-mortar retailers is to make customers free and safe from long waiting lines during the billing process. In addition to that retailers should also ensure that customers are provided with convenience. A simple and reliable solution to this is providing customers with scanners integrated into their own devices.By integrating high-performing scanners in smart devices, shoppers can shop around the store, scan the products they want, make payments, and leave the store without any inconvenience. This will improve the consumer experience, making shopping more convenient and safer. Scanflow helps retailers to bring innovations in brick and motor stores with Scan and Go & Self-scanning of products.

When a customer are shopping in a physical store, Scanflow provides them with access to product information, offers, reviews, and product locations with the help of AR overlay from their smart devices. Scanflow barcode intelligent text scanners make the shopping and check-out process delightful for customers.

Barcode Scanner App Development in USA - Scanflow

1. Easy integration: Easy to use and integrate with enterprise applications, offering high-performance scanning even in low lighting conditions, on damaged barcodes, scanning at a distance, and from different angles.

2. Driving Innovation: Serves to be an innovation platform in enterprise-grade scanning that will help mid and large retail enterprises to optimize store operations. It can be integrated with drones and wearable devices for seamless operation.

3. High Performance: Offers superior performance with high scanning accuracy making lives much easier for customers & employees in retail industries.

Scanflow is simple to deploy, quickly scans in no time, and produces reliable results. Shoppers can use their own device- bring your own device (BYOD) by accessing in their respective retail apps for picking and scanning products. It reduces the time of waiting in long queues for checkout. With these reduced touchpoints, the customer feels well engaged in stores by getting an eventful shopping experience.

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