Problem Statement


Tire warehouses face challenges in managing a wide range of tire types, sizes, and brands efficiently. They are prone to frequent manual errors while picking for customer orders. This increases labor costs and affects the overall warehouse productivity.


    • Scan TIN , DOT, Serial Numbers from Tire Sidewalls
    • Workers can scan with their smart devices receive picking instructions from the WMS. This includes details about the item to be picked, the quantity, and the destination.
    • Scanflow scans the serial numbers from tire sidewalls to verify that the correct tire is being picked.
    • It also provides routing information with AR navigation to optimize the pick path, minimizing travel time within the warehouse.
    • Scanflow tracks tire stock levels in real time with smart devices to scan tires to locate and pick the required tires.
    • It ensures that the correct tire sizes and quantities are selected and verifies the picked items against the order details to ensure accuracy.
    • If expired or damaged tires are picked it alerts the workers to pick the right one.
    • After picking, Scanflow verifies that the correct item and quantity have been picked and checked for any discrepancies to be notified for correction.
    • The WMS automatically updates inventory levels as items are picked and packed, ensuring accurate inventory management.
    • Scanflow Streamlines operations for faster order processing and reduced labor costs.

Business Results



Reduce in operational costs


increase in  efficiency resulted in cost savings for the warehouse.


Improved results and consistent workflow, which enhances product quality.


Increase in accurate deliveries enhance the customer experience

Watch this video on how scanflow helps streamlining Logistics workflows

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About Integration

  • Scanflow integrated with warehouse management system and manufacturing execution system keeps track of accurate stock levels in real time.

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Solution ECommerce

what is pick and pack automation in tire warehouse management?

Pick and pack automation is the use computer vision technology to streamline the process of selecting, picking, and packaging tire products for shipment to customers or for inventory storage. 

Can Scanflow pick and pack automation handle tires of various sizes and types?

Yes, Scanflow is designed to handle a wide range of tire sizes and types, from passenger car tires to large truck or specialty tires. 

How do I integrate Scanflow into my existing tire warehouse management system?

Scanflow can customize a solution that fits your specific needs and integrates with your existing systems.

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