Problem Statement


E-commerce industries face difficulty with hardware barcode scanners which are less versatile, difficult to maintain and high Total cost of ownership. Workers rely on manual processes for updating product details, stock levels, and order processing leads to inefficiencies, errors which increases lead times in packing and delivery of goods.


  • Scanflow captures barcodes and QR codes from e commerce products and ensures that data captured accurately recorded, minimizing the risk of errors.
  • When the orders are received, they get updated in the backend system, which is often an ERP or WMS or a retail POS system.
  • Workers receive picking instructions from the backend system integrated with Scanflow in real-time to the system.
  • The products are typically stored in the warehouse with unique barcodes or QR codes for easy identification.
  • For product picking, Scanflow shows the location of products within the warehouse to be picked with AR navigation.
  • Once all items for an order are picked, workers scan the items to ensure that it matches the order. If there are any discrepancies in the order, it notifies with an alert message to pick the right product.
  • The backend system automatically updates inventory levels as items are picked and packed

Business Results



Increased Efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.


Better Resource Allocation where Retail workers can focus on complex tasks


Cost Reduction and minimize the need for hardware devices


Reduced Lead Times and result in faster delivery of products to customers.

Watch this video on how scanflow helps streamlining retail workflows

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  • Scanflow can be integrated with your retail POS system to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data capture, resulting in a better workforce productivity and improved operational effectiveness for your retail.

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Solution VIN scanning

What are some key performance metrics used to measure the effectiveness of the pick and pack process in e-commerce?

The key metrics include order accuracy, order cycle time, order fulfillment rate, and the percentage of on-time deliveries.

How can e-commerce businesses maintain data security and protect customer information during the pick and pack process?

Implementing secure data handling and access control measures is essential to protect sensitive customer data during the fulfillment process. 

Can enhancing the pick and pack process with Scanflow reduce order fulfillment times in e-commerce?

Yes, optimizing the pick and pack process can significantly reduce order fulfillment times, ensuring that orders are processed and shipped to customers more quickly 

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