ID scanning involves the process of collecting information from identity documents and converting it into a trackable, valid digital format. In today’s fast-paced world, ID verifications that rely on manual data entry and paper inspections are becoming time-consuming processes. When ID scanning is at issue, security is considered to be one top concern for businesses and customers as it includes most of the basic details. The technology of ID scanning has gone through drastic progress and has transformed from manual entry to digitally capturing data from them.

Smart ID scanning will help enterprises to capture identity data more quickly and accurately from their smart devices. This process reduces delays, disruptions, and human errors. Many industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and retail are relying on technology to integrate ID scanning capabilities into their operations that interact with customers and employees.

Scanflow offers a high-performing ID scanning SDK that can be integrated into any smart device and capture information from identity documents. It can be used to speed up any onboarding and security process by providing instant scanning results from your smart devices without the need for any external device. Even without an internet connection, one can scan IDs from any location. This will prevent time-consuming activities like manual data entry.

Scanflow ensures a safe and secure scanning solution that works for any identity documents like National IDs, Passports, Visa documents employee & customer cards.

Scanflow ID scanning SDK works on native mobile apps, web browsers, or any enterprise framework that helps to digitalize and automate procedures.

How ID scanning empowers the workforce?

One best things about smart ID scanning how simple it is for workers to perform precise scanning right from their most familiar device. Speed and precision are necessary for the best experience in any ID scanning use case. The scanning needs to function on a variety of gadgets under real-time conditions.

Scanflow works from any distance and at odd angles, capturing damaged texts or in poor lighting conditions.

Workers using Scanflow ID scanner does not require any special training for handling them.

In certain scenarios where workers have less knowledge of using specialized technologies may find it difficult to cope with advanced procedures. Scanflow functions on practically all smart devices including smartphones which implies that workers will have a substantially less learning curve.

More importantly, since scanning is a simple process, you can integrate it into your enterprise workflow operations without wasting time or money teaching workers to use it.

Smart ID scanning technology captures information from identity documents and provides instant real-time results from them. This will enhance the data quality and provide a safe way to manage ID data.

Scanflow saves the time of workers from manual data entry, reducing repetitive tasks and making them more productive at work. This helps enterprises to uncover ways to conserve resources or optimize processes.

Smart ID scanning is being employed in various verticals for patient registration, employee onboarding, KYC process, Passport scanning, and retail self-checking.

Smart ID scanning does not stop with just capturing data, it streamlines the process, boosts worker engagement, and enhances the workflow automation process.

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