Problem Statement


Manual inspection processes are susceptible to human errors, leading to inconsistencies in identifying minute defects or deviations in the switches and dashboard components. Human inspectors may struggle to detect subtle defects or deviations, potentially leading to defective products reaching the market. Hence, there is a pressing need for an automated visual inspection system that can accurately and efficiently verify the quality of these crucial automotive components.


  • Scanflow captures and verifies the switches or relevant components in the dashboard of trucks that enhances the quality control. 
  • Scanflow scans the images for any deviation and identifies defects or anomalies, such as misalignment, missing components, scratches, or other imperfections in the switches or relevant components. 
  • Scanflow analyzes the data that enables manufacturers to promptly identify and address quality issues preventing the production of defective products. 
  • Scanflow integrated with MES, SAP systems, provide higher precision and accuracy in detecting defects or deviations, ensuring that all components meet the defined quality standards.
  • Scanflow real-time data analysis, enabling manufacturers to identify and address quality issues promptly, minimizing the risk of defective products. 

Business Results



Enhanced product quality and reliability


Improved production efficiency and throughput


Reduction in operational costs


Resolution of quality issues


  • The implementation of Scanflow in MES,WMS,SAP or any other backend system for visual inspection for verifying switches in the dashboard of trucks or cars and related components is imperative to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality products, meet customer expectations 

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Automated Visual Inspection

Why is Scanflow important for dashboard switches?

Scanflow helps ensure the quality and reliability of dashboard switches, which are critical components in vehicles. It helps identify defects early in the manufacturing process, reducing the likelihood of defects reaching the end user. 

What types of defects can Scanflow detect in dashboard switches?

Scanflow detects a wide range of defects, including but not limited to misalignment, missing or broken components, scratches, stains, and variations in color or texture. 

Is Scanflow suitable for all types of dashboard switches?

Scanflow can be adapted to various types of dashboard switches, but the effectiveness of the system may depend on the design and complexity of the switches. It's important to design the system and its algorithms to suit the specific characteristics of the switches being inspected. 

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