Freight containers are generally used to transport raw materials and products across different locations or countries. These containers need to be verified before the shipment and after reaching the destined locations.

During the shipment process, large containers are identified by their container numbers, which are the most crucial information needed to manage the process. These container numbers are usually alphanumeric texts that are displayed on the container. Predominantly, shipping workers rely on manual entry of container numbers and maintaining records of them. However, manual data entry is time-consuming and prone to errors. These manual errors may result in containers being delivered to the incorrect location, causing the shipping process to be delayed.

Scanflow Intelligent text capture helps cargo workers to scan container identification numbers accurately from their smart devices.

Scanflow is an AI scanner on smart devices for data capture and workflow automation. It captures any form of data from Texts, IDs, Numbers, Barcodes, and QR codes. Scanflow Intelligent text capture efficiently scans long serial numbers from containers at any external condition. It can capture any form of alphanumeric text from containers where workers can choose to scan specific frames of serial numbers or scan the whole container to get the data.

By implementing AI-based technologies in workflows, logistics companies can improve their container tracking process more efficiently helping workers to quickly scan and identify containers. Scanflow accurately captures container numbers from any orientation at any external environment be it- low light damaged texts & numbers, or light glares without any errors.

Scanflow technology works with smart devices such as smartphones, wearables, and drones that can be used even offline. The SDK can be integrated into any existing application and is compatible with Android, iOS, and development frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, etc. The data captured from the container is encrypted and securely stored offline. As a result, safety concerns and container fraud can be avoided thereby enhancing the efficiency of the shipping process.

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