Problem Statement


A leading truck manufacturing company faced challenges in manual data entry and verification procedures that slowed down production and increased the risk of errors.


  • Scanflow extracted accurate data from various serial numbers from the auto components, including VINs, Tire Identification Numbers (TIN), suspension numbers and Tire Numbers.
  • These data are critical for quality checks and have to be captured on the production line under difficult conditions.
  • The data capture process had to be quick, highly accurate and reliable, ensuring that the data captured was error-free.
  • The captured serial numbers of various components on the production line have to be integrated into MES systems.
  • Scanflow Serial Number scanner captures the data and seamlessly integrates with the MES systems.

Business Results



Accuracy in capturing component serial numbers.


Significant reduce in the need for manual interventions.


Reduced Lead Time resulting in efficient production.


Improved Accuracy by reducing the risk of human errors.

Watch this video on how scanflow helps streamlining manufacturing workflows

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  • Scanflow integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and SAP HANA systems ensures accurate record-keeping and effective production management.
  • MES provided real-time tracking and component history.
  • SAP HANA handles data analytics and insights for informed decision-making.

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Solution Page

Why is Serial number scanning important in Quality Assurance?

Serial number scanning helps ensure that the right components or vehicles are used in production, preventing errors and defects, enhancing traceability, and ultimately improving the quality of the product.  

What are the benefits of implementing Scanflow serial number scanning in Quality Assurance?

Benefits include increased accuracy, reduced errors, enhanced traceability, improved quality control, and faster identification of defective parts or vehicles. 

How does serial number scanning work?

Serial number scanning typically involves using computer vision systems to read and decode the unique number on a vehicle or part. This information is then used to validate the item against a database or predefined criteria.

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