A major automotive component supplier faced a critical challenge in maintaining consistent quality for their gear shafts. Their existing inspection process relied heavily on manual visual checks, which were prone to human error and inconsistencies. This resulted in occasional defective parts slipping through, leading to costly rework and potential safety concerns downstream.

Scanflow proposed a solution that combined AI based automation with human expertise. Our Industrial Safety with Visual Inspection system leveraged computer vision (CV) technology to perform real-time quality control (QC) at the edge. This solution comprised two key elements:

  • Hardware Installation: Scanflow installed high-resolution industrial cameras strategically positioned to capture clear images of the gear shafts at various stages of production. Additionally, we equipped the system with powerful GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) housed within a robust edge computing platform. Processing power at the edge ensured fast, reliable analysis without relying on a centralized serve.
  • CV-based Defect Detection: Our proprietary software development kit (SDK) was integrated into the system. This intelligent software utilized object detection algorithms to automatically identify and locate key features on the gear shafts, such as serial numbers and critical components like rubber dampers.

The implementation of Scanflow’s Industrial Safety with Visual Inspection system yielded significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Quality Control: The Scanflow-powered system offered unparalleled accuracy in detecting even the most minor defects in the gear shafts. This resulted in a 98% reduction in defective parts passing through the inspection stage.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automation of the inspection process significantly reduced the reliance on manual labor. This translated to a 25% increase in production throughput.
  • Cost Savings: By minimizing defects and rework, the company experienced a 20% reduction in overall production costs associated with poor quality.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The system generated valuable data on defect types and their frequency. This data empowered them to identify trends and proactively address potential quality issues upstream in the production process.

AI Visual Inspection Solutions

Scanflow’s innovative approach to industrial safety with visual inspection proved to be a game-changer for the factories of tomorrow. By combining automation with human expertise, the solution ensured consistent gear shaft quality, improved production efficiency, and reduced costs. This exemplifies Scanflow’s commitment to empowering manufacturers with cutting-edge technology to achieve operational excellence.

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