Running a large warehouse is a logistical nightmare. Staff and forklifts constantly crisscross the facility, making it difficult to track activity efficiently and ensure everyone’s safety. Traditional methods of monitoring this movement rely heavily on manual processes, which are:

  • Time-Consuming: Manually tracking staff time, identifying safety hazards, and ensuring proper PPE usage eats into valuable hours that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Prone to Error: Human error is inevitable, leading to inaccurate data and potentially missed safety violations.

These inefficiencies create a domino effect, impacting everything from workflow optimization to accident prevention.

There’s a better way! Scanflow offers an innovative solution using AI-powered video analytics to streamline warehouse operations and enhance safety. By leveraging your existing CCTV footage, Scanflow’s intelligent models can automatically analyze activities and provide valuable insights:

  • Barcode Scanning: Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automatic barcode scanning! Even when scanned by handheld devices, Scanflow can detect and potentially decode barcodes from pallet SSCC labels, eliminating errors and saving time.
  • Time Tracking: No more manual time sheets. Staff and forklift movements can be tracked using object recognition, allowing for accurate estimation of time spent in specific warehouse locations. This data can be used for optimizing workflow and resource allocation, ensuring everyone is utilized efficiently.
  • PPE Detection: Safety first! Scanflow’s AI models can be trained to identify staff wearing PPE within the footage. This helps ensure compliance with safety regulations and highlights areas where improvements might be needed. Proactive identification of PPE violations allows for immediate corrective action.
  • Safety Monitoring: Prevent accidents before they happen. By identifying both forklifts and designated pedestrian areas, Scanflow can flag potential safety hazards where forklifts enter pedestrian zones. This proactive approach helps create a safer work environment for all staff.

AI Visual Inspection Solutions

Scanflow’s video analytics solution offers a multitude of benefits for warehouse operations:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automating tasks like barcode scanning and time tracking frees up valuable staff time, allowing them to focus on more critical activities like order fulfillment and customer service.
  • Improved Accuracy: AI-powered analysis eliminates manual data entry errors and provides reliable information for optimizing operations. You can make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Enhanced Safety: Real-time monitoring of PPE usage and forklift movement helps create a safer work environment for staff. By proactively identifying potential hazards, you can prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The insights gained from Scanflow’s analytics can be used to make informed decisions related to staffing, resource allocation, and safety protocols. Optimize your warehouse for maximum efficiency and safety.

Don’t let manual processes hold your warehouse back. Embrace the future with Scanflow’s AI-powered solution and experience the benefits of a streamlined, efficient, and safe operation.

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