Have you ever imagined your smart device fulfilling all your scanning needs?

Smart scanning solutions are incrementally being adopted by industries. It helps enterprises in real-time decision-making and workflow automation. The users can access data using a single camera-equipped smart device. When compared to conventional data capture methods, smart data capture has many benefits which include accurate data, quicker response times, increased security, validation checks, and the ability to detect problems that humans might miss.

Smart data capture uses mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, wearables, and drones to capture and process data conveniently. The data capture process can be carried out from the already familiar device where workers do not need to get special training in using other external data capture devices.

Smart data capture empowers industries where a large workforce is involved. It is difficult to provide each worker with an external data capture tool and manually enter it. Instead, they can do the scanning from their own smart devices. The data can be extracted with a single scan using a smart device.

Scanflow is an AI scanner on smart devices for data capture and workflow automation. It captures any type of text, IDs, serial numbers, barcodes, and QR codes under any challenging conditions. It can be integrated into any development framework as mobile and web SDKs deliver instant and accurate scanning results. Scanflow has the capability of providing more than one scanning solution in a single smart device.

Scanflow Intelligent text scanning is used to capture and recognize text from images or objects which is designed to be highly accurate and flexible and can recognize text in various languages, font styles, and sizes. It can capture alphanumeric texts from tires, containers, or any other

Scanflow ID scanning transforms any smart device into an enterprise-grade scanner. It captures data from ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses.​Scanflow can be used for KYC verification in the banking & financial sectors, passport scanning in airlines, and patient onboarding in healthcare. Scanflow ID scanning SDK is available in both mobile and web apps based on the enterprise’s needs.​

Scanflow decodes any type of 1D / 2D barcode symbologies that can be integrated into both mobile apps & web SDK​. It scans with high speed, accuracy, and consistency. It helps manufacturing industries in counting stocks, inventory management, assembly line operations, and managing overall warehouse operations from a single device. Workers can collect data remotely through their own devices which improves their productivity.

  • Eliminates manual entry of data which reduces human errors.
  • Enhanced employee engagement as workers can focus on other priority tasks
  • Improves operational efficiency by streamlining the workflow process
  • Enhanced user experience through flexibility and convenience
  • Smart devices are easy to access from anywhere at any time

Smart data capture from a single device helps industries reduce their reliance on people and facilitate the smooth running of business processes. Computer vision technology has dramatically improved how data is captured, processed, and stored in the enterprise environment. Such digital innovations in industries promise a productive workforce, efficient operations, and an increase in ROI.

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