When it comes to providing medical care, errors of any kind have no place in them. Healthcare providers are frequently prone to medical errors and face challenges in workflow operations. Automation reduces the potential for human error and eliminates inaccuracies in the healthcare delivery system.

With technological advancements like artificial intelligence, the healthcare industry has made great strides in innovation over the past few decades. Automation has modernized healthcare services by bringing in innovative solutions across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic techniques, and therapies. By automating manual processes, repeated tasks are eliminated, allowing healthcare professionals to take charge of their time and efforts and direct them toward more fruitful activities.

Scanflow Intelligent Text capture allows healthcare workers to scan REF/LOT codes from medical supplies providing digital information from their own devices!

Scanflow is an AI scanner for smart devices that captures data and automates workflows. It can capture any type of data, including text, IDs, numbers, barcodes, and QR codes. Scanflow Intelligent text capture scans any type of REF codes from medical supplies where clinicians can instantly view crucial information, such as dosage, and patient-specific instructions by a simple scan from any smart device.

The information captured is stored as digital records within the enterprise system. Every pharmaceutical product comes with REF/LOT codes printed on it which carry vital information about the medicine. Scanflow captures data from the REF codes in seconds from any angle orientation at any external environment, including low light, damaged text, and light glares.

Scanflow technology works with any smart devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, wearables, and drones that can be used even offline. The SDK can be integrated into any existing application and is compatible with Android, iOS, and development frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, etc. The data captured from the container is stored offline with secure data encryption.

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