Manufacturing industries are transforming their way of operations, which has resulted in industrial automation. A transition from manual dependence to automation of processes is gaining an advantage in industries. The implementation of technology helps in the digitization of manufacturing sectors at all levels such as supply chain operations, product design, mass production, and distribution.

Intelligent machines are being used in factories and warehouses to perform tasks with endurance, speed, and precision that require little to no human interaction.

This is due to the rising innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics that can be used to analyze data from every stage of the workflow process, helping manufacturers stay flexible and quickly adjust their business models. This technological shift is due to conventional manufacturing techniques being unable to satisfy the demands of the present industrial needs. Bringing analog data into a digital database is where the move to smart manufacturing begins.

Data capture is an essential and inevitable process in every industrial operation. Traditional data capture tools make it difficult in capturing mass data and cause manual errors. Workers require multiple devices to carry out the data capture process which is tedious to handle and leads to undesirable chaos.

Software-based smart data capture tools help industries not only to intelligently capture data but also support real-time decision-making, workers’ engagement, and workflow automation is made possible at scale from your everyday smart devices.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets, Ipads
  • Augmented Reality Wearables
  • Drones
  • Robots

Smart devices like smartphones & wearables are predominantly used by industries and it becomes easier if it has scanning capabilities in them. It reduces the use of external devices for scanning. This enables workers to be connected and more productive. Integrating data capture software into smart devices will support field workers’ processes bringing efficiency and work safety.

Scanflow is an enterprise-grade, software scanner that can be integrated into any smart device such as smartphones, wearables, or drones, and capture any form of data from barcodes, IDs, texts, and objects in any external environment. Scanflow intelligently captures data and provides real-time insights from it. Reducing cost and human intervention, streamlines the workflow process in industries, ensuring a high level of effectiveness.

  1. Automates and simplifies end-to-end workflow process.
  2. Performs a variety of operations from a single smart device.
  3. Reduce manual auditing, which saves time, money & resources.
  4. Supports integration in any type of smart device & cross-platforms.
  5. Creates new business opportunities through digital transformation.

Industries accessing smart data capture technologies would give any decision-maker the ability to access information quickly with high reliability, making the operational process easier. Businesses that adopt smart data capture into workflows will improve efficiency, stay competitive, and be future-ready.

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