Energy consumption is an inevitable process in everyday life that must be monitored and tracked frequently. Utility providers record energy consumption by manually reading and entering them in records. However, manual entry and recording of energy readings are time-consuming, expensive, increase labor costs, and are prone to frequent human errors.

Automation of workflow processes has evolved across all industries and is being adopted in every sector for managing operational tasks. Automatic data collection enables large utility providers to collect utility data digitally thereby reducing manual errors and improving efficiency.

Scanflow Intelligent text capture allows customers to scan their energy meters and get fast and accurate data from their smart devices.

Scanflow is an AI scanner on smart devices for data capture and workflow automation. It captures any form of data from Texts, IDs, Numbers, Barcodes, and QR codes. Scanflow Intelligent text capture efficiently scans serial numbers from energy meter readings at any external condition.

Scanflow Intelligent text capture offers a simple yet more effective solution that allows users to read their energy meter and submit them for the payment process. This increases trust amongst customers as they can manage their energy consumption and bills from their homes.

When integrated seamlessly with any smart device, Scanflow Intelligent text capture solution works in Android and iOS devices in any development framework such as Xamarin, React Native, etc. The users can access the data from their integrated system anytime, which helps reduce disputes regarding the level of energy consumption and billing amount.

  • Simplifies and automates end-to-end workflow operations.
  • Scans tires in any challenging conditions with high accuracy.
  • Increases the mobility & productivity of workers.
  • Saves time for workers to perform other priority tasks.
  • Easily upgraded from any development platform.

Leveraging manufacturing industries with innovative technologies will provide a significant competitive advantage to them. In recent years, many industries have started to adopt smart automated solutions in their workflows. This will mitigate operational costs and workers can have a productive work environment with errorless and more intelligible processes.

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