Problem Statement


The integration of stencil part numbers and air tank part numbers during assembly poses challenges in ensuring accurate alignment and matching. Manual scanning and comparison causes errors, resulting in misaligned components and potential quality issues that impact both assembly efficiency and end-product reliability.


  • Scanflow scans the stencil part numbers and air tank part numbers and other component numbers for a real-time verification process in the assembly line
  • Scanflow is integrated into MES to verify the component numbers.
  • When a stencil or air tank is selected for assembly, Scanflow verifies the numbers during the assembly process.
  • It verifies the components to be installed with the database and If there is a mismatch or error, it alerts the workers, preventing them from proceeding further in the assembly process.
  • This provides traceability, record errors, and ensures that the right components are assembled.
  • Scanflow significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the assembly process while reducing the risk of misaligned components. It also helps maintain high product quality and reliability.

Business Results



Enhanced Quality Control reduced the risk of misaligned part numbers, improving overall product quality.


Improved Efficiency by reducing assembly line downtime and labor costs.


Cost Savings by reduction in rework increased customer satisfaction.


Traceability with detailed records of part number verifications and quality management.

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  • Scanflow is integrated with SAP, MES,WMS and other ERPs and automate part number verification system in the assembly line for achieving higher efficiency, improved product quality, and enhanced end-product reliability.

Success Stories



Solution Four

Is there a specific industry where component number verification is most used?

It is used across various industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, manufacturing, and more, where precision assembly is essential. 

How can automated component number verification enhance assembly quality?

By ensuring that the correct components are used, it significantly reduces the likelihood of assembly errors that can lead to defects and product failures.

Why is automated component number verification important in assembly operations?

It's crucial for preventing assembly errors, improving quality control, and reducing the likelihood of defects in the final product. 

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